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    when you accidentally type tis instead of its


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    "Balotelli jumps out of the way to allow Sterling to score"

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  3. Agger tells why he fell away from Liverpool

    1. Agger: The manager and I probably weren't at the same side last season, at least for the majority of the season. I felt very distanced to him, and to me that was just enough. I feel he didn't appreciate my qualities and my contributions. And when I feel this way it's time to get home
    2. Interviewer: Is it true that the manager and you didn't speak properly for the whole of last season
    3. Agger: Well, there weren't many conversions, let me put it that way
    4. Interviewer: At the press conference for your return to Brøndby, you mention that when you weren't happy every time you went to practice, then it was time to leave. Why didn't you feel happy?
    5. Agger: When you been a part of the starting eleven for several games in a row and the team have performed well, and you feel that you have played well yourself, then when you're left out of the team and don't feel appreciated, it starts to get into your mind, you wonder.
    6. Interviewer: Did you feel angry?
    7. Agger: Yeah, you get a little annoyed, and when you at the same time see the statistics from your game, which are so important all around the world of football, then you don't understand why you weren't used more often. It's all about being able to talk with all of your players and get them to perform as well as they can
    8. Interviewer: Do you think Rodgers is a bad manager?
    9. Agger: I think he is a great manager, you can't take that away from him. He's good in the way he trains the team and he is great at setting up the team. The things that went wrong between us is that I say things the way they are and I expect others to treat me the same way. Maybe it is wrong to always expect this
    10. Interviewer: You showed great loyalty to Liverpool FC. Did you feel that Rodgers wasn't loyal to you?
    11. Agger: At least I have learned a lot from last year. I have learned that a lot of players in the world of football only think of what is best for themselves. I haven't done that for the biggest part in my career. But with all that has been said and done and understand why players think think this way, even though it has been something I couldn't relate to in the past. It has been an eye opener.
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  4. 21.09.14 : Birmingham Ladies 1 - 2 Liverpool Ladies

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    The first episode of Friends aired 20 years ago today. Here are 25 things you might not know about the show.


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    Stop calling ISIS the Islamic State.

    You guys will go upon lengths and jump hoops to deny that the KKK are a Christian influenced group but won’t blink to say Muslim and terrorist in the same sentence.

    The language you use matters. 

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  7. Niall Horan ALS ice bucket challenge x

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    "Just write. It doesn’t matter what you write. Just sit at your desk and write."  

    Advice from Emma Thompson’s BFI/BAFTA screenwriting lecture.

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