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    Unlocking The Truth @AfroPunkFest 2014.

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    Unlocking the Truth for Bloomberg Businessweek 

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    Unlocking The Truth at Coachella 2014

    What an incredible show this was! These guys are kids, and they have so much talent, and amazing stage presence.
    They had this crazy rotating ring moshpit going at one point.
    After their last song the crowd was chanting “ONE MORE SONG!” and the guitarist and drummer stopped and looked at each other obviously thinking “Do we dare?” but of course they are not allowed. Then all three of them crowd surfed off the stage.

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    Hanging with newly signed heavy metal band Unlocking the Truth \m/

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    TCR | 2014.09.16 | Unlocking the Truth is a metal band made up of teenage musicians, none over 13 years old. The group performed at Coachella and the Vans Warped Tour in 2014 and has opened for Guns N’ Roses and Queens of the Stone Age. They are now signed under Sony with a $1.8 million recording contract.

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    Sansa Stark Appreciation Week: Day 7 - Anything I like

    —Sansa and lemon cakes

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    Wilhelm Gause, Ball der Stadt Wien (1904)
    I’ll try anything once, The Strokes (2006)
    insp (x)

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    If you put a bee in the freezer, it will get cold and fall asleep. After it’s asleep, put it in your mouth, but don’t eat it. Just let it sit there. It will get warm and wake up. Now you have a bee in your mouth.

    Why the fuck would I do that

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    || waiting in a car, waiting for a ride in the dark / the night city grows, look and see her eyes, they glow || midnight city - m83 ||

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