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  3. pipers reaction to polly and larry is my reaction to polly and larry 

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  5. theboyfriends:

    harry looks so happy and his hair is so long and he’s so pretty got my heart beatin fast it’s cardiac arrest


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  7. birdluvr1993:

    masculinity is so funny to me bc men deprive themselves of the best things in life in order to achieve it like ….fuzzy socks, fun fruity pink drinks, spa days, lifetime movies,  expressing positive feelings in a healthy way, being a warm genuine person

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  8. whitegirlsaintshit:

    please leave Shia alone, unless you’re telling him I want to stick a quarter in his ear and ride his face like a little kiddie horse outside of the grocery store. do not bother him unless you’re passing on the message that I would let him drain my bodily fluids into a tub and bathe in them. if you even think about fucking talking to him, the only thing you better tell him is that I am down for him to literally consume me and all he needs to do is hit me the fuck up and I will be wet and ready and well seasoned within a moment’s notice.

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    Camden Passage,  Islington, London, N1