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  2. December 23, 1969: John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s 1969 peace campaign came to a close on this day following a meeting with Canada’s prime minister Pierre Trudeau. The meeting lasted for 51 minutes behind closed doors, although news cameras were on hand before and after. When they emerged, a reporter asked Lennon and Ono what had taken them so long. Ono replied that it was because they had all been enjoying the conversation. Lennon added: “If all politicians were like Mr. Trudeau there would be world peace”.

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  3. petition to change canada’s national anthem to if i had a milliion dollars 


  5. Both “Ontario” and “Canada” were klaxon answers on last week’s QI. I’ve never felt so relevant.


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    Being a Canadian is confusing because you sound like an American, write like a Brit and throw in just enough French words to freak everyone out.

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    “He is every soldier, in all our wars.”

    The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson [x]

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  8. i just have a lot of tim horton’s feels

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    Sailing w the fam. #canada #islandhopping (Taken with Instagram)

  10. Canada 3-0 South Africa || London 2012 Olympics

    The ladies soccer team is my faaaaaaave

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