1. Wrote this today during the Liverpool-Man City Match

    The Supporters’ Creed

    I believe in Liverpool Football Club, the most important on heaven and Earth. 
    And in Steven Gerrard, Liverpool’s favourite son, our Captain. 
    He suffered under Roy Hodgson, was injured, benched, and buried. We descended into midtable. 

    In 2014 we rose again from the dead. 
    We ascended to the top of the table, and are seated 2 points ahead of Chelsea. 
    From here we shall come to win the league. 

    I BELIEVE in Liverpool Football Club:
    I believe in the holy pitch at Anfield: the leadership of Steven Gerrard:
    Justice for the 96:
    The resurrection of this team:
    And Premier League dominance everlasting. Amen. 

  2. justice!

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  3. A Liverbird Upon My Chest

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  4. laroja7:

    THIS is why I adore Everton, Merseyside, & My amazing city and its people

    “He aint heavy, he’s my brother” 

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  5. Hillsborough coverage in Thursday’s Toronto Star

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  7. JFT96.

    I don’t normally post ~serious things but this is something that’s important to me. Over the past hour or so (or hours/days if you follow me on Twitter) you may have seen me referring to “the 96” or calling for “justice for the 96”. On April 15, 1989 96 Liverpool fans were crushed to death at an FA Cup final at Hillsborough Stadium. If that wasn’t horrible enough the cause of their deaths were covered up for 23 by the government, the police, and many large media outlets (this is why Liverpool fans don’t buy/read The Sun). Today, the Hillsborough Independent Panel released a report confirming that Liverpool fans were in no way responsible for the disaster (as had been reported by police/government/news in 1989) and that the main cause was a “lack of police control”. Worse, they reported that up to 41 of the 96 lives could have been saved had emergency services reacted faster. If you have only just heard about this from me the Wikipedia article is a great place to begin your research. Liverpool fan or not, it would be great if some of you guys could reblog this….this is something that goes so much deeper than football or a football club. I think that people on Tumblr and people outside the LFC community need to know about this too. This could have happened to anyone.

  8. “On behalf of the Government and the country, I am profoundly sorry that this double injustice has been left for so long … Today’s report is black and white. The Liverpool fans were in no way responsible.”

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  9. 106/366: #JFT96 (Taken with instagram)

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  10. 23 years ago today 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives in the Hillsborough Disaster. Never forget them, and never stop demanding Justice For The 96.