2. Liverpool vs. Southampton recapped


    Sterling was basically a dog chasing a laser light

    Johnson was an emotional terrorist

    Suarez found out he wasn’t Maradona

    Stevie aged

    Lucas smiled

    Enrique invented a new position combining striker with left back

    Skrtel did not get arrested for murder

    Reina was bored

    Agger was god

    Allen was there (I think)

    Rodgers was thirsty

    And every supporter watching the game had their face inside their palms at least half the time, wondering how we still can’t convert chances and come so close to scoring so many times thus sparking an existential crisis questioning everything in life as you know it and if this didn’t happen to you then you aren’t a true fan

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  3. "

    Whenever life gets tiresome
    And clouds above are grey
    I just simply close me eyes
    And slowly drift away

    I think about a special place
    That’s when the darkness fades
    That special place is Anfield
    The place where dreams are made

    I see the pitch
    I hear the Kop
    I taste the atmosphere
    Flags, banners, sound of old
    Which echo down the years (?)

    Colours entwine, red and white
    With grass of emerald green
    A beautiful vision, a sacred place
    Filled with hopes and dreams

    So many special memories
    Elation, joy, tears
    Passion, glory, victory, ecstacy
    Emotion laced with tears

    Yeah, whenever life gets tiresome
    I know how to see it through
    I simply think of Anfield
    A place where dreams come true

    — Dave Kirby, playwright and Liverpool fan

  4. So many feels watching episode two of Being: Liverpool. Unbelievable to see the footage of the team in Toronto. Still can’t believe they were here, still can’t believe I got to see them.

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    You’ll Never Walk Alone. Loud and proud at Liverpool FC vs. Toronto FC. July 21st 2012 - Rogers Centre.



  6. I think it’s finally sinking in. I really am going to see Liverpool Football Club before my own eyes. It’s a great feeling and still kind of hard to beleive.

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    He is my best friend!

    …in my heart.

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  8. Despite everything that happened today, I still think Kenny is the best manager for the club.

  9. 57/366: Carling Cup champions! #liverpool (Taken with instagram)

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  10. Just had this amazing dream where I was friends with Luis Suarez. We played footy, talked about his family, and I was helping him write a book.