1. Wrote this today during the Liverpool-Man City Match

    The Supporters’ Creed

    I believe in Liverpool Football Club, the most important on heaven and Earth. 
    And in Steven Gerrard, Liverpool’s favourite son, our Captain. 
    He suffered under Roy Hodgson, was injured, benched, and buried. We descended into midtable. 

    In 2014 we rose again from the dead. 
    We ascended to the top of the table, and are seated 2 points ahead of Chelsea. 
    From here we shall come to win the league. 

    I BELIEVE in Liverpool Football Club:
    I believe in the holy pitch at Anfield: the leadership of Steven Gerrard:
    Justice for the 96:
    The resurrection of this team:
    And Premier League dominance everlasting. Amen. 

  2. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. 

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  3. Guys I cannot take Stevie’s squad photo. He’s getting more beautiful by the dayyyyyyy

  4. and the sweet silver song of the lark

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  5. Are you taking the piss Wikipedia?!



  7. And the Reds go marching on to victory 😁 #YNWA (at Anfield)

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  8. How many other LFC fans only started reading John Green’s books when they found out he was a Red?

  9. Can I just get this done rIGHT NOW


  10. Liverpool vs. Southampton recapped


    Sterling was basically a dog chasing a laser light

    Johnson was an emotional terrorist

    Suarez found out he wasn’t Maradona

    Stevie aged

    Lucas smiled

    Enrique invented a new position combining striker with left back

    Skrtel did not get arrested for murder

    Reina was bored

    Agger was god

    Allen was there (I think)

    Rodgers was thirsty

    And every supporter watching the game had their face inside their palms at least half the time, wondering how we still can’t convert chances and come so close to scoring so many times thus sparking an existential crisis questioning everything in life as you know it and if this didn’t happen to you then you aren’t a true fan

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